Pilates Pro Works

If you are looking to mix up your summer workout routine or de-stress and stretch, check out Pilates ProWorks in Greektown (located at 773 West Adams Street). Pilates is an intensive work out that emphasizes alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and improving coordination and balance. Pilates ProWorks specializes in a variety of top-of-the-line classes for those looking to try Pilates or other strengthening exercises.

The brand’s founder, Oscar Sanin, became personally inspired by Pilates through his injury recovery after a serious accident. Oscar started a Pilates regime that brought him unexpected strength and improvement in a short period of time. Spending so much time on the reformers, Oscar realized the lack of quality and comfort in the design, so he set out to work with industrial designers and fitness consultants to overcome the limitations of the classic reformers and created the FitFormer used at Pilates ProWorks. The FitFormer is designed for an all-in-one full body workout that is longer, wider, and more comfortable than most reformers.

Whether you’re seeking recovery from an injury like Oscar or a fun and challenging workout, Pilates ProWorks will help you reach your goal through lengthening, strengthening, and developing control of your entire body.

Photo via Pilates Pro Works 

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