A Taste of Greece’s Autumn Grape Harvest

In Greece, autumn brings more than just cool weather and falling leaves—it also marks the beginning of grape harvest season. During September and October, Greek grapes reach their perfect stage of ripeness ready to use in cuisine and drinks.

For those of us unable to visit the wineries and vineyards of Greece this season, the restaurants in Greektown bring a little taste of the autumn grape harvest to Chicago with their extensive Greek-imported wine lists. Local favorites include:

  • Artopolis: This Mediterranean café offers more than just baked goods and specialty coffees, it also houses a wide variety of celebrated red and white wines from Greece. Some of the restaurant’s featured Greek wines include Spiropoulos Ode Panos, a sparkling white, and Lazaridis Oinotria, a cabernet. These flavorful wines pair perfectly with Artopolis’ authentic Greek cuisine.
  • Greek Islands Restaurant: Greek Islands’ wine list will transport you to Greece. Its wine list showcases reds, whites and rosés exclusively from Monemvassia, a small Greek island off the coast of Peloponnese.
  • Santorini Restaurant: Although Santorini is known for its seafood selection, its assortment of Greek wines is not to be missed. The detailed descriptions given on the wine menu ensure that you’ll learn as much about the flavors as you would at a wine tasting in Greece.

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