Art in Greektown

While visitors enjoy the al fresco dining in Greektown Chicago, there’s no better time to admire the local art installations. This summer there are many unique art initiatives taking place throughout Greektown that are tied into an overarching beautification plan. A new sculpture was installed last week at Monroe and Halsted. The sculpture was designed by Michael Young and is titled “Flight Path”. Young has been a sculptor for the past 30 years; he prides himself on creating large and small sculptures out of a host of materials.

Another art initiative taking place is the “Brushing up on Aristotle” street art project. More than 30 local artists have been asked to include their artworks, alongside quotes from Aristotle, to be place in the windows. Visitors should keep an eye out in the next few weeks for these vibrant posters in shop windows.

Additionally, 10 local artists will be decorating dinghies, small boat figurines that will be placed along Halsted Street. Each artist is required to add their own personal creativity to the dinghy, which are slated to be installed in early July.

The community is also working on a free children’s book that will tell the story of Greektown’s history and its many delights. The book is slated to be finalized by the end of June.

Photo Credit: Chris Hurd Photography

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