Artopolis Bakery, Cafe and Agora

Artopolis opened just before the new Millenium, and was created to bring a the true Europen style caffe to Chicago. Artopolis brings todays technologies together with our passion and experience to produce a variety of freshly baked aromatic offerings. All of our delicatese can be enjoyed in our caffe or taken home to savored.

The Greek word “Artos” means bread and “Polis” means town” we brought these words together to complement and add to the uniqueness of Chicago’s GREEKTOWN. For centuries, the ancient Greeks believed that bread was the begining for all great meals. We hope that the warmth of our ovens, the fresh baked bread and the hospitality of our staff will continue this tradition in Chicago.

Set in a modern loft-style space with an open air kitchen, Artopolis a uniqueand and wonderful place as the exeperience that awaits for you.

“A Rise Above and Beyond”…

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