Artopolis’ Vasilopitas

For the New Year, make sure you pick up your Vasilopita! These special Greek New Years cakes have a coin hidden inside. The individual who receives the slice of the cake with the coin inside is blessed with good luck for the next year!

The tradition originates from a legend of Saint Basil. St. Basil called on the citizens of his city, Caesarea, to raise a ransom payment to stop the siege of the city. When the ransom was raised, the enemy was so embarrassed by the townspeople’s act of kindness that they called off the siege without payment. St. Basil was tasked with returning the unpaid ransom. He had no idea what belonged to whom, so he backed all the money and jewelry into loaves of bread and distributed it. Luckily, all were given back their exact contribution.

Artopolis Café’s Vasilopita cakes are orange infused sheet cakes with powdered sugar. Be sure to order yours to ring in the new year! Check it out here.

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