Butterfly Feature

Greektown’s newest public art exhibition, The Dance of Psyche, consists of 26 vibrant three-dimensional sculptures of butterflies that showcase the creativity of 13 professional or emerging artists, 2 Chicagoland high schools, and 11 local Greek language schools. Here are a few we’re highlighting this month:

The first is Urban Butterflies by Juan Cano. Cano shares, “The piece was inspired by a variety of butterflies. Many that I have seen in the past throughout the city in different garden settings.” Juan A. Cano is a contemporary graffiti artist from Logan Square. He is well-known for his “shattered glass” style which parallels to the design of butterfly wings.

The next is Sweet Anna by Bonnie Loboda with Christopher Nosal. Bonnie was inspired by her grandson, Christopher, who saw the blank sculpture and asked if he could sketch a design for the wings. Following his design, she decided to place the butterfly on a soft bed of flowers to give it a colorful, nourishing environment.

And finally, Hazel Happiness by Arlene Turner-Crawford with Latoya Bellazer. Her sculpture was also inspired by one of her grandchildren, Latoya. She asked her granddaughter to help her with the design and Latoya suggested to utilize “some fun designs!” Latoya chose the name Hazel due to it being one of her favorite names and Arlene added the Happiness encapsulating the sculpture’s essence.

Make sure to stop by and see the sculptures!

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