Chicago Parent’s tips for a day in Greektown

In a recent article from Chicago Parent, readers are educated on some of Greektown’s history and are given some ideas on places to explore this summer in the neighborhood.

“Chicago’s love affair with neoclassical architecture, combined with the influx of Greek immigrants who arrived in Chicago in the 1840s, created a strong Greek presence in Chicago. Most of the restaurants and businesses that make up today’s Greektown are approaching their 50th birthdays.”

They share, “Begin your trip to Greektown with pastries and soda to go from Artopolis Bakery & Cafe. We love their portokalopita (orange cake) and sokolatina (rich chocolate pudding cake). Bring your pastries and Greek Epsa soda for a walk to find all 26 three-dimensional artworks that make up the My Painted Lyre art installation on Halsted Street from Madison to Van Buren. They’re painted by a diverse group of Chicago artists. Walking south on Halsted will bring you to a great photo op at the stone structure built in the style of an ancient Greek temple across from the National Hellenic Museum at the corner of Van Buren and Halsted.”

Thanks to Chicago Parent for highlighting our neighborhood!

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