Greek Christmas Sweet Treats

In the United States, we associate Christmas cookies as sugary treats in the shape of Santa Claus, angels, reindeer and more. In Greece, traditional holiday cookies have their own special flavors. Try out some of these Greek sweet recipes!

  • Melomakarona cookies are honey and spice cookies said to taste like the traditional Greek dessert baklava, but in cookie form. They are known for smelling undeniably like Christmas. Some people enhance these delicious cookies by covering them in chocolate. The cookies last up to two weeks, ensuring they will stay fresh throughout the holiday season! Find a recipe for melomakarona cookies here.
  • Kourabiethes cookies are delicious and sugary just like their American counterparts. The shortbread treats are often made with toasted almonds, walnuts or hazelnuts, then covered in an abundant amount of powdered sugar. Kourabiethes cookies are simple to make and are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser! Find a recipe for the cookies here.
  • If you prefer pastries over holiday cookies, Diples, are another popular Greek Christmas dessert. These pastries originated in the Peloponnese area of Greece, and are made of a thin dough that is rolled up, fried and dipped in syrup or honey. This dessert is great as both an after-dinner treat and a breakfast sweet. Find a diples recipe here.

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