Greek mythology-inspired Halloween costumes

Looking for some Halloween costume ideas for both kids and adults this Halloween? Why not be a Greek God or Goddess on October 31?

Kids Love Greece offers a collection of Greek Mythology-inspired costumes for kids of all ages in their recent blog post 12 Best Greek God and Goddess Costumes for Halloween. Each of the 12 ideas link to pages with step-by-step instructions for curating each look. You can put together a simple, easy-to-make, general Greek Goddess costume that you can create in less than 10 minutes! A DIY video is included in the blog post as well.

More ideas include a Demeter costume featuring a floral wreath headpiece and green accessories to help represent this Goddess of agriculture. The Hermes costume uses simple materials like cloth, cardboard and rope to create wings and garb that will help you embody this Herald to the Gods, fit to carry messages back and forth in Ancient Greece!

No matter which costume you choose for you or the kids, this step-by-step costume guide will help you make this Halloween a Greek one!

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