Greek Summer is a State of Mind” Reflections from NHM

NHM discusses the return of the Greek Summer, whether in person or as a state of mind.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, a tourism starved Greece began to prepare the hoards of beach goers, history buffs, and foodies unable to flock to Greek shores in the summer of 2020 to perhaps, should the health situation allow, postpone summer break for just a little later. “Greek summer is a state of mind,” proclaimed billboards and online ads.

Like all catchy advertising slogans, it works because we know it is true. This summer travel has exceeded pre-2020 levels and plenty of people are back for a summer in Greece. Greece in the summertime is for me, like so many, the site of many happy memories. This year, however, I feel I will not make it to my family’s native Crete while the summer sun is still in the sky. My Greek summer, this year, must be something I carry with me.

If you, like me, are longing for a Greek summer that will not come this year, perhaps a trip to Greektown will sooth the ach, even in a small way. While you are there, make sure you visit the National Hellenic Museum, open Thursday-Sunday 10 AM- 4 PM. Our current exhibitions all have a touch of Greece in them, I promise.”

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