Greektown 2019 Art Program – The Modernity of the Ancient Greek Discus

The Greektown arts committee and SSA #16 are thrilled to announce the launch of their 2019 public art display, The Modernity of the Ancient Greek Discus. This year’s installation pays homage to an ancient Greek sport in an ultra-modern way. We are partnering with local professional and student artists to have them put their spin on a classic fixture of Ancient Greek history.

The discus throw was one of the five events in the “pentathlon” in the ancient Olympic Games of 708 BCE. The Greek poet Homer made mention of this sport in the Iliad and the Odyssey, further noting its importance within Hellenic history.  Discus was an event during the inaugural modern Olympic Games held in Athens in 1896, and since then it continues to be a part of the Olympics.

The art program is slated to launch in the Greektown neighborhood this spring, with more details to come!

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