Greektown Chicago shoutout in Forbes salad recipe

We were thrilled to see our Greektown neighborhood mentioned in recent a Forbes article for a delicious Horiatiki salad recipe!

Writer Elizabeth Karmel notes, “Today, it is served all over Greece, and at Greek restaurants and diners in the USA. I first ordered the salad many years ago in Chicago’s Greektown and fell in love with it immediately. It’s all the best things in a salad minus the lettuce. That means crisp cucumbers, juicy ripe slightly acidic tomatoes—I like to use cherry tomatoes split in half—red onions, colorful bell peppers, creamy feta cheese, and salty olives, a splash of red wine vinegar, olive oil and oregano.”

The name of the Horiatiki salad is thought to be derived from the simple salad that villagers would make from their vegetable gardens—onions, cucumbers, vine-ripe tomatoes, etc.

Check out the recipe and try it at home!

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