Greektown Chicago’s Continued Focus on Security

Due to recent events and in an effort to ensure safety in the Greektown Chicago neighborhood, the SSA #16 has prioritized and extended its ongoing security program in partnership with AGB Security. With $85,000 budgeted for security in 2019*, the SSA #16 commissioned Captain Salmon and his team to provide an additional layer of security for local businesses and patrons through a program of regular community policing. The extra security combats crime in Greektown’s commercial corridor on Halsted Street, and along the east and west streets including the four city blocks between Van Buren Street and Madison Street. 

The security program provides one car patrol and two uniformed armed security guards in and around the neighborhood four days a week. AGB’s highly trained tactical officers use problem-solving techniques to quickly defuse potentially dangerous situations and deter crime within Greektown and all SSA’s throughout Chicago. The officers work closely with each business in the area to assist with anything they may need, responding quickly when breaches of security arise. The security officers also provide detailed weekly reports highlighting other items of concern in the area (e.g. broken streetlights, loitering, abandoned cars, commercial vacancies, unsecured buildings, etc.). As a result of the security program, AGB has cleared aggressive panhandling and improved traffic flow through Greektown.

The SSA #16 is confident that a continued focus on safety and AGB’s added presence will provide positive improvements in Greektown to ensure safety and security in the neighborhood.

*Greektown SSA commissioners and West Central Association staff will continue to evaluate the safety program and may revise the total budget as needed.

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