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Greektown Merchant Profile: Athenian Candle Company

This month, Greektown is excited to feature the Athenian Candle Company (300 S. Halsted), which opened in the 1920s and is owned by the Paspalas family. Athenian Candle Company is one of the oldest establishments in the Greektown area that is still open.

My favorite part of the Greektown neighborhood is the vitality and energy I’ve seen develop over the last 20 years, while still maintaining a strong Greek culture. – Helen Paspalas

Some of Paspalas’ favorite items sold at Athenian Candle Company are the varieties of beeswax candles, especially the hand-dipped tapers and incense. All hand dipped-taper candles are made in-store right on Halsted Street. Each candle is created with a blend of superior quality paraffin wax, and are hand-dipped 12 to 29 times to create various sizes and thickness.

When not working at Athenian Candle Company, Helen spends time with her family and enjoys one of her favorite Greek dishes: stuffed peppers and tomatoes with meat, rice and spices.

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