Greektown Merchant Profile: Greek Islands

Since opening in 1971, Greek Islands has been a household name in the Chicago area. Greek Islands is home to two locations in Greektown Chicago and Lombard, IL. The restaurant imports authentic Greek delicacies, such as extra virgin olive oil, wines, cheese, herbs and seafood directly from Greece on a weekly basis. Angelo Petratos, Manager of Greek Islands, says his favorite part about the neighborhood is the National Hellenic Museum. Greek Islands enjoys being a part of the Greektown neighborhood because it’s a destination for everyone. Its central location in the city makes it convenient for guests to visit and enjoy a delicious meal prior to attending other local events like games or concerts at the United Center. Some of Greek Islands most decadent dishes include their freshly shipped seafood, brought in every day, such as Greek sea bass, Greek striped bass, red snapper and the Kikkinisto Colorado lamb.

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