Greektown’s Fifth Annual Christmas Tree & Holiday Lights

Holiday season is in full swing in Greektown! The neighborhood is officially lit up in Greek blue and white! The fifth annual Christmas tree and street lighting was on Sunday, December 6th by Greektown SSA #16 Chair Commissioner Frank J. Caputo and Art Chair Commissioner Eve Moran. 

Caputo plays an important role in Greektown SSA #16, and has helped the neighborhood grow and thrive since 1966. Moran has brought beautiful street art to Greektown since 2006. She was instrumental in the hand-painted Christmas Karavakia boats that are currently on display in the restaurant windows around the neighborhood.

While the Christmas tree lighting didn’t have the large crowd it usually attracts due to COVID-19, we’re still thrilled to have the Christmas tree and holiday lights in the neighborhood for the fifth year in a row–spreading holiday cheer to all those who stop by Greektown.


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