Greektown’s Two New Rebate Programs

In order to enhance safety and beautification in the neighborhood, Greektown has implemented two new rebate programs: The Façade Rebate Pilot Program and Security Grant Pilot Program.

The Façade Rebate Pilot Program provides rebate incentives for physical improvements to storefronts and facades, along with public ways throughout Greektown. The program will work to improve awning and signage, exterior lighting, landscaping and replace doors and windows in order to attract and retain business in the area.

The Security Grant Pilot Program improves the overall security of Greektown by providing grants to owners and tenants to install security camera systems or exterior lighting. The program will help improve the safety of residents and business owners in the Greektown area.


The SSA #16 is excited about the improvements both rebate programs will provide and are working to keep patrons as safe as possible.

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