Celebrating Oxi Day in Greektown

October 28th is a national holiday in Greece. In 1940, Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas, was presented with an ultimatum from Benito Mussolini to surrender and allow Italian troops to enter Greece from the north. If they did not, war would be declared and Greece taken by force.  His answer, “Oxi!”, which means “No!” is where this holiday’s name comes from. You can read a more thorough description of how these events unfolded here.

In Greece, October 28th, is a day when the streets are filled with parades celebrating the day Greece saved democracy. Greektown Chicago had its own Oxi Day celebrations, and is an ideal destination for celebrating the annual Hellenic Holiday by checking out the activities below:

  • Explore the National Hellenic Museum. This Greektown staple connects all generations to Greek culture, art, and the Greek American experience. Its exhibits will connect with both children and adults
  • After soaking up Greek culture at the National Hellenic Museum, take a break and stop by Spectrum Bar & Grill. This casual Greek sports bar and restaurant has a creative Greek-themed cocktail menu offering drinks such as the Zeus ( a mix of vodka, ouzo, pineapple juice and lime), and the national drink of Greece, a refreshing mixture of ouzo and lemonade.
  • End your Oxi Day celebration by indulging in a traditional Greek meal at Athena Restaurant. Their menu features a number of authentic dishes ranging from a roasted leg of lamb to spanakopita (spinach and feta cheese wrapped and baked in filo dough). Athena is perfect for both big and small groups, and if the weather is nice, the patio has an unbeatable view of the neighborhood.

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