How to Celebrate Oxi Day on October 28

Oxi Day, also referred to as the “Day of No,” is an important part of modern Greek history celebrated annually on Wednesday, Oct. 28. It marks the day when the Greek prime minister rejected an ultimatum given by the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini during World War II. 

Due to the geographically strategic location, the Axis powers wanted to set up camp in Greece and gave the country the chance to succumb peacefully without a fight, however General Metaxas stood his ground by stating “no” or “oxi” in Greek. Although his action eventually led to Greece entering WWII, people all over the world admired Greece’s bravery. It gave the rest of the world hope that the Axis powers could, in fact, be defeated.

Traditionally, Oxi Day is celebrated with parades, flag decorating and wreath laying at various military memorials. This year, celebrate Oxi Day with a traditional greek meal from one of the Greektown Chicago’s eateries, and take some time to remember when Greece said “no.” 

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