It’s All Greek to Me! Greek Phrases to Know

Are you traveling to Greece in the near future? Do you want to start learning the language to speak when visiting Greektown? Greek can often be heard throughout the neighborhood. Here are a few key phrases to get you started!

  • Hello – Xairete (HEH-reh-tay)
  • Goodbye – Antio (Ah-DIO) 
  • How are you? – Ti kanis? (tee-KAH-nees?)
  • I’m good. And you? – Eimai Kala. Kai Esu? (EE-may Kah-LAH. Kay eh-SEE?)
  • My name is… – Me lene… (meh LEH-neh)
  • Thank You – Efxaristo! (eff-hah-ree-STOE!)
  • Yes – Nai (neh) 
  • No – Oxi (OH-hee)

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