Mediterranean Fall Recipes

Fall is approaching and as the seasons change, ingredients for cooking change along with it. Come autumn, Greek dishes are vibrant, rich and aromatic. Whether you’re cooking for two or hosting a large gathering, these fresh and authentic recipes provide a fun twist and are sure to become among your favorite fall meals. All recipes are courtesy of

  • Classic Greek Cabbage Salad: While the most famous Greek salad consists of tomatoes, cucumber and feta, the fall months call for a seasonal dish like this cabbage salad, which merges fresh seasonal vegetables like cabbage and carrots. The dish merges fresh fall vegetables like cabbage and carrots to create a delicious veggie side or lunch dish.
  • Mediterranean Style Roasted Broccoli: Fun fact: broccoli is sweeter and less bitter when harvested during cooler months. This simple, flavorful Greek dish pairs sweet broccoli with other healthy ingredients like garlic, olive oil and nuts.
  • Greek Style Baked Macaroni And (Feta) Cheese: A healthy version of macaroni that still tastes like comfort food? Yes, please! This dish combines a variety of delicious herbs and spices; and is made with feta, Greek yogurt and healthy low-fat cream cheese to replace the cheese.
  • Greek Savory Pumpkin Pie with Feta Cheese-Kolokithopita: An autumn favorite, this Greek-style pumpkin pie blends traditional spicy feta and other Greek influences to create the perfect dessert.

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