Meli Cafe & Juice Bar

You are cordially invited to sit back, relax and enjoy a home cooked meal prepared by our kitchen. Here at Meli, the Greek word for honey, every seemingly insignificant detail receives special attention from our warm, inviting decor to each specially crafted variety of our all natural home made seasonal marmalades, and signature menu items. Every ingredient is carefully inspected to meet our strict standards and high quality expectations. High-grade maple syrup, our own whipped butters, our own fresh baked challah bread, and Eggland’s Best Organic enhance the flavor in all of Meli’s unique recipes. We thank you for choosing Meli Cafe

Now a few words about our coffee selection….

Coffee is an art as much as a science. Coffee is a fruit, its rich flavor comes from a combination of organic and inorganic compounds; including proteins, oils, and sugars. The history of coffee is steeped in legend and romantic lore. Although no one knows for sure, coffee was discovered around 500 A.D. and since then it has been used as food, medicine, social rituals, intellectual, cultural life and most important as a symbol of hospitality. Our coffee is a blend made up of a selection of the sweetest and roundest Asian varieties carefully combined with the fragrant mild beans of Central American mountains and smooth Brazilian varieties. That is why here at Meli Cafe we take great pride in offering our guests the finest quality of coffee.

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