Mental Wellness Month – Treat yourself in Greektown

January is Mental Wellness Month and we decided to round up great ways for you to treat yourself in Greektown. Other than a delicious meal from a signature Greektown restaurant of course!

Revitalize your nail health and confidence with a splendid mani/pedi combo at Greektown Nails. A manicure or pedicure helps boost mental health by offering a polished accessory to your outfit of the day, but also increases your circulation. Pampering yourself will always decrease stress.

Another tip to help stress flow out of your body is a relaxing massage from either Massage Envy or The NOW Massage. There are dozens of health benefits to massages such as reducing muscle tension, improving circulation flow, reducing anxiety and depression, and increasing joint mobility and flexibility!

Restore Hyper Wellness center is another place to go to for a more in depth, personal physical reboot. They offer a variety of physical therapy treatments ranging from red light therapy, IV therapy, and skin health services.

Finally, if a more in-depth “makeover” is what you’re looking for, Trixie Girl Blow Out Bar utilizes the finest brush and product combinations for all individual blow out needs. You can then stop by Ulta Beauty as your one-stop shop for all your makeup/body product needs.

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