New Year Thoughts from National Hellenic Museum

The beginning of the year is always a time of reflection and renewal. As we greet a new beginning, we also feel compelled to take time to reflect on what is behind us. At a public history institution like the National Hellenic Museum, we have a great deal of experience in simultaneously looking backward and forward. It is our job, after all, to connect the past and present and ensure that the best of both find their way into the future. We have exciting plans for 2023! We are hard at work planning innovative exhibitions, engaging events, and relevant programming that share Greek history, art, and culture and preserve the Greek story in America.

While we are excited to share our work with you in many ways, one of the most intimate–and fun! —is through our private group tours. In this way, schools, churches, and community groups of all kinds and sizes come together to explore everything that the National Hellenic Museum has to offer, with personalized, hands-on attention from our excellent docents and staff. During a private tour, the museum comes alive in a very unique way. As guests learn the stories on the museum’s walls, many recall their own stories and share them with the group. Old friends remember past adventures. New acquaintances have passionate debates. More often than not, the conversations that begin within the walls of NHM spill out of our doors and into a Greek Town restaurant, where guests can continue remembering and sharing over the table. It is such a special experience!

If you would like to schedule your own tour, please send us an email at We cannot wait to welcome you!

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