NHM Restaurant History

The Greek American community has played a significant role in shaping the American restaurant industry, leaving an indelible mark on the culinary traditions of the United States. The American restaurant has been shaped by the habits, tastes, and entrepreneurial spirit of Greek immigrants and their children. In turn the “Greek restaurant owner” has become an archetypal figure in American life, present in movies, television, and literature–a part of the imagined melting pot of America.

In light of Chicago’s Greektown’s recent Restaurant Week, the National Hellenic Museum remembers the contributions of Greek American restaurant owners and the Greek American restaurant.

One of the ways in which we preserve this rich legacy is through the Frank M. Kamberos Oral History Library. This collection of Greek American oral histories preserves the stories of Greek Americans and tells Greek American history through the eyes of the people who lived it.

The National Hellenic Museum invites all those who are connected to the history of restaurants in the Greek American community to share their stories and support Greektown’s rich restaurant industry.

To learn more about contributing to the Frank M. Kamberos Oral History Library, please contact info@hellenicmuseum.org.

To learn more about the National Hellenic Museum, visit https://nationalhellenicmuseum.org

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