Owl Feature

Speaking of our new Little Wise Owls art exhibit, here is a glimpse at a few of the artists behind the artworks:

Artist: Juan A Cano

Title of Work: Andy, the Autism Owl

Artist Bio:

A contemporary graffiti artist from Logan Square, he is well-known for his “shattered glass” style. Cano participates in several art exhibitions each year and is an art philanthropist for charitable causes. He especially enjoys working on public art projects.

Artist: Molly McGrath

Title of Work: Monty the Owl

Artist Bio and Statement:

McGrath has an extensive body of work: collages, children’s (and other) album covers, drawings of Chicago transit system signs, fiber art, painted bottles, portraits of dolls–and Sesame Street memorabilia. Her work directly responds to her environment, with her everyday experiences becoming a starting point. McGrath is an artist at “Project Onward,” a nonprofit studio and gallery in Chicago dedicated to the career development of visual artists with mental and developmental disabilities.

Artist: Terry Poulos

Title of Work: Bird of Trey 

Name of Owl: Owlive

Artist Bio and Statement:

Poulos is a writer, artist, archaeological historian, fractal geometer, and more generally autodidact scientific investigator. Two of his sculptures have been exhibited at the National Hellenic Museum (NHM), and his Net Zero Coin numismatic is in the permanent collection of the British Museum and NHM. His works can be seen at Scientiquity.com

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