Passport Control: Our Culture. Your Adventure.

How many of us would be crushed if we lost our passport? Besides the inconveniences this mishap might pose in terms of hampering our travel arrangements, it would also mean the loss of a record of where we’ve been. I’m one of those to always insist on having the pages stamped when clearing customs. All those stamps, visas and permits are an important part of anyone’s story; and when we designed the Greektown Passport we did so with this in mind–to encourage all of you to create stories right here in Greektown.

You’ll want to pick up a Greektown Passport–just ask for one the next time you’re in the neighborhood. It contains a comprehensive directory of all Greektown businesses, shops, and parking options. Every time you visit a business in Greektown, any business, be sure to ask that they stamp your passport on one of the two pages near the end of the document titled, “EXPLORE GREEKTOWN–COLLECT STAMPS.” Once ten (10) stamps have been collected, contact Special Service Area #16 to receive a special surprise. Please call (312) 255-7280 with any questions.

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