Merchant Spotlight: Pegasus Restaurant and Taverna

Pegasus Restaurant and Taverna (130 S. Halsted) has been thriving in the Greektown neighborhood since 1990. This delicious hotspot is open daily for lunch and dinner six days a week outside of Mondays. Pegasus’ mission is to educate its visitors on Greek cuisine and prove that it too can be healthy. Pegasus uses many ingredients to make a variety of their dishes more health conscious, a few include authentic olive oil, seafood, and plant-based foods. Pegasus’ philosophy is “we enjoy food and people and the act of bringing them together.” The Ocatpoidaki Skaras is a must try item. Pegasus’ sister location is Artopolis Bakery and Café, just down the street. Artopolis’ specialty is their fresh, homemade bread and pastries that are also served at Pegasus. Gather your friends and family and come together to dine at Pegasus for an authentic Greek experience.

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