Recipe Spotlight: For the Cholocate Lovers – Mosaiko

For all the chocolate lovers out there, this mouthwatering Greek chocolate and biscuits dessert (Mosaiko) from My Greek Dish is made for you. This deliciously soft, creamy and crunchy treat is ready to serve in only 10 minutes and makes for a festive way to celebrate this Valentine’s Day.

Mosaiko, also known as “Kormos” is a deliciously simple, no-bake chocolate Greek dessert made of crushed biscuits covered in chocolate and then formed into a “salami” shaped log. In Greek, the name Mosaiko literally means “mosaic”, because when cut, the biscuits and chocolate resemble a mosaic. Also called “Kormos” which, in Greek means “log”, inspired by its tubular shape!

Give this simple and delicious recipe a try and enjoy it with someone you love!

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