Recipe Spotlight: Kokkinisto, a delicious and simple Greek stew

Kokkinisto is a delicious and simple Greek Stew made with beef (or lamb), tomatoes and red wine slow cooked until tender. This dish is easy to make in an Instant Pot, slow cooker or stove and is the perfect way to welcome chilly fall evenings.


Supergolden Bakes has an amazing kokkinisto recipe that you can try at home! The blog post also includes a helpful step-by-step video. Check it out here.

The Greek work kokkinisto means “made red” and is a traditional tomato-based dish. The slow cooking tenderizes the meat and makes the sauce rich, flavorful and comforting – especially with the addition of cinnamon stick, bay leaves and cloves.

In Greece, this stew is usually served over orzo or another small pasta. But it can also be served with mashed potatoes or fries. However you choose to make this dish your own, cozy up at home and enjoy!

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