Greektown Chicago Marathon Event Recap

Just like most of the world’s sports that can be traced to ancient Greece, the Chicago Marathon similarly finds its origins in the ancient world. The first organized marathon took place in 490 B.C.E., Athens, Greece. The Greektown neighborhood and Windy City locals payed homage to that Greek spirit by watching the race from Greektown on October 7th!

On marathon day, Greektown hosted an outdoor event on Gladys Avenue for spectators to gather, make signs and support the runners. We stocked the tent with coffee from Ground Up and treats from Artopolis to satisfy caffeine cravings and give guests a jolt of energy to cheer on the racers. There were branded goodies and DJ Alpha Tunes providing Greek music for runners and spectators alike.

Greektown was the perfect location for runners to fuel up before the big run and to celebrate their accomplishment afterwards. Restaurants like Greek Islands, Santorini and Athena had traditional Greek dishes ideal for carbo-loading or to get your protein fix before the big race.

Whether you were there to encourage a family member, friend or just watched the race for fun, Greektown was a prime spot to support the runners as they crushed mile 17. Thanks to all who came out and joined us – see you next year!

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