SSA #16 Neighborhood Updates

The SSA #16 is always working to enhance beauty in the Greektown neighborhood, as well as helping to plan fun community events and attractions. Read below to see what the SSA #16 is focusing on this spring!

  • Hellenic Heritage Parade – Greektown, in partnership with Enosis, will hold its annual Hellenic Heritage parade on Sunday, May 5 (2:00 PM). This parade is one of the biggest in the city. It commemorates an important point in history when Greece rose against the Ottoman Empire after 400 years of occupation. Windy City locals are encouraged to stop by and experience authentic Greek culture, food and festive entertainment.  
  • New Floral Planters – In an effort to enhance the neighborhood’s aesthetic, Greektown is excited to roll out a new set of planters with seasonal flowers along Halsted Street adding beauty to the neighborhood and a pop of color throughout the year.
  • Art program roll out – In late May, Greektown will launch a public art display, The Modernity of the Ancient Greek Discus. It pays tribute to Greek architecture, and an ancient and modern-day sport. The SSA #16 is thrilled to kick off another public art display in partnership with local and student artists. More details to follow.

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