SSA #16’s Rebate Pilot Programs

The safety and well-being of the community is extremely important to Greektown and the SSA #16. In an effort to improve security and structure, Greektown’s SSA #16 is funding two Rebate Pilot Programs. Both programs will work to ensure the Greektown community is continuously growing and expanding in a lively and safe manner.

The Security Grant Program will serve the commercial and residential district within the SSA #16 service boundaries with the goal to improve overall security of Greektown. In order to encourage property owners and tenants to participate, Greektown will be providing grants to those who install or upgrade security camera systems or exterior lighting. Read more about the specific details of the grant incentives here.

The Façade Rebate Program will allow Greektown to modernize and replenish the community foundation. The program, which is under the oversight of the Chicago Department of Planning and Development, provides rebate incentives for physical improvements to storefronts and façades along with public ways. The SSA #16 hopes to attract and retain businesses, enhance the streetscape, and provide design guidelines to enhance the character and qualities of the district. Read more about the specific details of the rebate incentives here.

Both rebate programs were created by SSA #16 to ensure all neighborhood locals and visitors are as safe as possible.

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