Summer Greek Recipe: Papoutsakia or Greek stuffed eggplants

Papoutsakia or Greek stuffed eggplants is a classic, easy and very satisfying dish. The Greek Foodie shares this vegetarian version with tender eggplants topped with a hearty tomato sauce and luxurious creamy béchamel.

In Greece, these delicious stuffed eggplants are called “papoutsakia“, which means “little shoes”. This vegetarian version is lighter although still a cheesy, creamy goodness.

In the easy-to-follow recipe, which can be found online, The Greek Foodie mentions, “Pre-baking the eggplants and using some of the flesh in the filling is key. The earthy flavor of the flesh gives weight to the sweet tomato sauce without making it heavier. The béchamel on top is what makes this dish a great comfort food. Rich and creamy yet light, you don’t feel like you ate a heavy meal.”

“Wow” your friends and family with this luxurious and comforting dish at your next gathering!

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