The Greek’s 7 types of love and Greektown’s 7 ways to celebrate

The Ancient Greeks believed there to be seven different kinds of love. We matched up each type of love with an activity in Greektown!

  1. Eros: romantic, passionate love – Eros describes attraction and appreciation for one’s physical being and beauty. It’s seen as the first stage of love, so if you have a new relationship in your life or are in the honeymoon phase, schedule a romantic dinner at Athena Restaurant. They have a special Valentine’s Day menu and Valentine cocktails for you and your romantic partner to share.
  1. Philia: Intimate, authentic friendship – Philia describes a knowing intimacy, a soul-to-soul bond which friendship is built upon. This love is used to describe wanting the best for another person. And what would be best for your best friends is a friendly dinner at Greek Islands Restaurant! Get a bottle of their Greek wine for the table and share some of their delicious dishes.
  1. Erotoropia: Playful, flirtatious love – Erotoropia is the flirtatious, child-like love seen at the very beginning of relationships or even bantering with a friend. It’s teasing, dancing, laughing, and flirting with someone you are enticed by. What better way to embrace this playful love than by grabbing “The Valentine” drink at 9 Muses Bar and Grill. Laugh on a first date or with your best friend over a glass glittery giggle juice.
  1. Storge: unconditional, familial love – Storge is the unconditional love we have for our families, either for our immediate or found families. It is a gentle kind of love that emits safety and care. Artopolis Bakery and Café is a staple of Greektown Chicago’s love of our community. The warm environment, the kind staff and the traditional sweet treats make every customer feel at home. Pick up a sweet treat for your Valentine this season of love.
  1. Philautia: compassionate self-love – Philautia is the love you have for yourself. Self-compassion is the overall idea of this form of love and in Greektown, you can show yourself some love at one of our many spas and beauty parlors including Greektown Nails, The NOW Message, Message Envy, Restore Hyper Wellness, Trixie’s Blow-dry Bar, and the brand new Spavia!
  1. Pragma: committed compassionate love – Pragma is a love built on commitment and long-term interests. It is used to describe the love of a long-term relationship of two people who have learned to love and accept their differences. Pragma can also describe the love Rye Deli + Drinks’ chefs have when making their smoked meat, prepared in the smoker for many days before serving in their delicious sandwiches. That is some serious long-term commitment! Have a lunch date at Rye with a long-term friend or partner and enjoy.
  1. Agape: empathetic, Universal love – Finally, Agape is universal love for nature, strangers, and humanity. It’s an empathetic love that involves caring for others without expecting anything in return. Candles are a universal symbol of love, so stop by our beloved Athenian Candle to pick a candle to light for those who you love in your life.

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