The Marathon ran smoothly!

Congratulations to everyone who ran in the Chicago Marathon and a giant thanks to all who came to cheer at Mile 14 & 17! We rang cowbells, made fantastic signs, warmed up with delicious coffee and cheered on the impressive runners! All these things made the Greektown Cheer Station a memorable spot to watch the marathon. We’re very honored that ours is an official cheering station of the Chicago Marathon! Be sure to come early next year to get a great spot to see your friends and family complete this outstanding race!

Check out all the amazing coverage we’ve been getting! The Sun-Times mentioned Greektown in their amazing piece titled “The Chicago Marathon showcases the ‘Soul of Chicago’” The National Herald wrote an article promoting Greektown celebrated the runners racing through our neighborhood. CBS featured Greektown in their Marathon coverage! Greektown was a perfect and popular place to watch runners zoom by while sipping a warm cup of coffee.

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