The Neighborhood Hotel

The historic —and long-vacant— 1911 Mid-City Trust & Savings Bank (801 West Madison St.) will transform into an 80-unit hotel opening in early 2025. They plan to modernize the building (82,000 square feet) while honoring the character of the original bank. The Neighborhood Hotel values local businesses and will embrace the vibrant Greektown community by finding ways to collaborate and work together with local businesses. For example, guests will experience local coffee brands in all suites and will be welcomed with a detailed guide that celebrates the restaurants, shops and cultural institutions that bring Greektown to life.

The Neighborhood Hotel was founded by travel enthusiasts who enjoy spaces that inspire, comfort and fuel. Each suite is well equipped for short- and long-term stays (i.e. kitchenettes, laundry, etc.). The Neighborhood Hotel aims to transform old buildings with cool history into well outfitted apartment style hotels that honor the old while representing the now. The vibe is fresh and fun with rooms that are stocked to support everyone from the homebody to the adventurer.

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