The Opening of Van Buren & Monroe Street Bridges Improves Transportation

At the end of July 2019, Greektown gained two new bridges as part of the Jane Byrne interstate reconstruction project: the Van Buren Street Bridge and the Monroe Street Bridge. 

Under construction since October 2017, the original Van Buren Street Bridge was removed and replaced, and a new retaining wall was constructed to connect the Halsted Street Bridge North abutment to the Van Buren Street Bridge West abutment. The Van Buren Street Bridge also offers aesthetic improvements to the southeast corner of the intersection of Halsted Street and Van Buren Street, where Elysian Field is set to open later this year. 

The Monroe Street Bridge had been under construction since winter 2018. The bridge creates additional space underneath, which will be useful for the future proposed I-90/94 mainline lanes, a northbound I-90/94 collector-distributor road, and various entrance and exit ramps. The existing southbound I-90/94 exit ramp to Monroe Street has also been improved as a result of the project. The Monroe Street Bridge features wide sidewalks on both sides of the street, two lanes in each direction, and drainage and roadway lighting modifications.

With one eastbound lane and two westbound lanes, the Van Buren and Monroe Street Bridges give travelers smoother transportation routes to and from Greektown.

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