Visit our festive Holiday Karavákia Display

Greektown Holiday Karavákia Display artists & locations


Arkadia Tower Apartments

Artist: Chuck Walker

111 S. Halsted St. (in lobby)


Artopolis Bakery, Cafe and Agora

Artists: Vicky Tesmer, Andy Morreale, & Jennifer Cronin (3 boats)

306 S. Halsted St. (inside)


Athena Restaurant

Artists: Ken Hirte, Dustin Harris & Terry Poulos (3 boats)

212 S. Halsted St. (inside)

Athenian Candle Co.

Artists: James Mesple, Malika Jackson, Rebecca Zaragoza, & Tyrue “Slang” Jones (4 boats)

300 S. Halsted St. (in windows)


Chicago Parthenon Hostel

Artists: Connie Hinkle & Victoria Martin (2 boats)

310-312 S. Halsted St. (in windows)


CHI Smokes

Artist: Leo Talaganis

309 S. Halsted St. (inside)


Dugan’s on Halsted

Artist: Marcelo Elli

128 S. Halsted St. (inside)


Greek Islands Restaurant

Artists: Fernando Ramirez, Diane Thodos, Patricia Owsiany, Panos Fiorentios & Alexandra Damato (5 boats)

200 S. Halsted (In windows & inside)


Mythical Smokes

Artist: David Holt

235 S. Halsted St. (In window)


Nine Muses Bar & Grill

Artists: Kiki Whitehead & Kathleen King (2 boats)

315 S. Halsted St. (inside)

Rye Deli + Drink

Artist: Chris Loutris

25 S. Halsted St. (inside)


Sonder Greektown Suites

Artist: Michael Thompson & Sheri Smith (2 boats)

314 S. Halsted St. (in windows)


Spectrum Bar & Grill

Artists: Michael Thompson, Vasiliki Valkanas, Louis DeMarco & Mariana Karampelas (4 boats)

233 S. Halsted St. (inside)



Artist: Ms. Alex White

116 S. Halsted St. (inside)


The Van Buren Apartments

Artists: Dino & Mark Crisanti

808 W. Van Buren St. (inside)



Artist: Tracey Ostmann

111 S. Halsted St. (in window)


Wild Fork Foods

Artist: Eve Moran

100 S. Halsted St. (inside)

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